Bring your company's sustainability goals home

Our platform helps reduce employees’ utility bills & carbon footprint through personalized energy usage analysis and actionable solutions

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The Climate Engagment Platform for your employees

Empowering employees to contribute to your company's sustainability goals

Reduce employees' utility bills and carbon footprint

Personalized energy usage analysis and actionable solutions

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Marc Buckley
UN & WEF Advocate

I believe companies have an important role to play in leading the way in reducing carbon emissions. That's why I love the idea of Elements that empowers the employees onboard.

Max Greenwald
CEO & Co-Founder, Warmly

My team is very passionate about Climate and I wanted to find a solution that helps engage our employees with sustainability, thats why I chose Elements.

Heather Whitney
EHS Apple

We needed an easy solution to engage & educate our Employees about sustainability and climate and Elements bridged that gap for us.

We integrate with your HRIS provider and company Slack to make it simple.

We know you don't want another system - thats why we seamlessly integrate with the systems you already use.

    The mutual benefits of taking action

    Reduce costs

    $2.2B Cost savings for 3M since introducing their “pollution prevention pays” program

    Increase revenue

    $3.5B Revenue increase realized by HP in 2021 from sustainable impact efforts

    Sustainability investments

    80% of Companies plan to increase their investments in sustainability - BCG report from 2022 surveying 850 companies

    Employees care

    70% of employees at large U.S. companies say they are more likely to work at a company with a strong environmental agenda - Fast company

    Gen Z & Millenials

    83% of millennial & gen Z employees are more loyal to companies that contribute to environmental issues - Forbes


    Educated and aware employees are more willing to contribute to reaching your company's sustainability goals

    Join the future of climate benefits

    We believe that companies have an important role to play in reducing carbon emissions!

    Join us :)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where can I sign up for a demo?

    You can sign up with the 'join waitlist' button above and an Elements representative will be in touch.

    How much does the platform cost?

    We tailor-fit the product to your company's needs and the price will vary based on the selected features.

    We love our Planet 🌍

    We are just taking this opportunity to tell you we believe in you and are here to help you on your climate journey

    Do you provide reports for employees contribution to Scope 3 emissions?

    Yes we do...we calculate your employee's emissions that are attributable to the company (WFH, commuting, business travel) and provide a plug and play report for your carbon accounting.